Resto Chef Order From Restaurants You Love

If ordering from more than one restaurant you wish to consider, just add it to the cart and we will deliver!

  • Choose Meal from different Restaurants
  • Add your Location
  • Collect Your Order
Home Chef Food from Home makers of world

From exotic bakery products to savoury, desserts, main course, bringing delicious home-cooked meals to your door

  • Connect to your Home Chef
  • Home Chef prepares food
  • Collect home made food
Road Chef Order Hot & Fresh from moving kitchen

Get ready to order dishes from your favourite street vendors and enjoy them with your family and friends

  • Select food on nearest Road Chef
  • Truck moves to your location
  • Collect Food
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Would you like millions of new customers to enjoy your food!

You can simply list your restaurant on Scootr in easy steps, update your menu and start getting more customers - Without any hassles, and no commission or any hidden charges. Start your journey today with Scootr and speed up your sles.