Why Scootr


Why scootr ?

Three crucial reasons why Scootr will become the alternative for home cooking in Singapore.

  1. Delivery by Scootr is fast, fun & hassle-free because we strive to build deep relationships with our customers by understanding their needs.
  3. No time for making food or washing up - our breakfast delivery options offer you oven-baked French croissants, strong coffees, teas, fruit salads and delightful garden salads to get your day going. Had a tiring day and crave something tasty - just choose from one of Scootr’s Western or Asian restaurants!
  5. And if you’ve got a larger formal occasion or event - wedding buffets, graduation dinners, birthdays or even a simple dinner coming up – no problem! Scootr’s wide gastronomic range of restaurants - traditional Italian pizzerias alongside fast-food outlets will spoil you for choice and at prices that will surprise you. Think seamless and convenient food delivery in Singapore, think Scootr!